Bright Summer

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Bright Summer is the first color type in the summer category. As the lightest type, it has in its palette the colors of spring , and people belonging to this type have certain elements characteristic of springs. The colors that you should surround yourself with are primarily clear , your beauty does not tolerate any dark colors. In addition to the dominant cool colors , the palette also includes warm colors with a delicate yellow shade . Your image is completely clear, even if your hair is brown

Well-known people who share this color type with you include: Christina Applegate, Cate Blanchett and Michelle Pfeiffer:

Contrasts in your natural coloring are very low, as in the case of a bright spring, the colors are close together, which results in a monochrome effect . When choosing clothing, you should keep in mind this natural low contrast . Save moderation and put together adjacent colors or shades. Nobody but you will look great in a uniform tone of color.

Here are some examples of clothing sets:

The above set consists entirely of blue elements that will blend well with your cool color scheme, to augment the image a little and bring out the warm shades that you have thanks to the delicate influences of spring, you can add, for example, gold jewelry.

& Lt; p> The next set consists of blue and shades of gray , the material of the blouse from the photo may be too "rough" to you, therefore choose something more delicate.

Color gray and silver choose if you want to create an elegant composition.

Brown it does not belong to your palette, however, if you care to have this color in your wardrobe, choose a lighter one, cocoa hue:

You can reach for various shades of violet ; among others after plum , lilac and amethyst


Light yellow, preferably a shade of lemon is also created for you:


The roses that you should surround yourself with is raspberry , similar to the one below:

The above suggestions consist of sets of garments in light and moderately saturated colors, although many dark colors will subtract you charm, you can still choose something more decisive, such as red and purple - plum or burgund :

Two more proposals for clothing combinations that are in the "safe sphere "colors that you can assume. You should keep in mind when choosing accessories that the jewelry that suits you best is silver and white gold:

At the end, a few words about makeup; there are many shades of lipsticks, eye shadows, etc. that will suit you, here I will give only the most universal examples. The first example of this is lipstick colored deep coral , with a shade of brown , this is the first color left in the picture below, right next to it is burgundy, then strawberry red and red getting purple . Below are examples of shades of eye shades and, in turn, are shadows colored blue green , colored topaz , faded pink and gray , in the last place I put an example of eye eyeliner which is worth trying, its color is so-called. smoky violet


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