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  • Trends in jewellery and fashion houses 2018
    18.04.2018 21:44
    Black dress
    I like this black dress very much. I hope it is not too expensive.


  • Modern trends in clothes and jewelry
    14.04.2018 21:38
    Color trends
    What are the fashionable colors of this spring and summer? I suggest dusty blue, bold yellow, lipstick ...


  • Trends in jewellery and fashion houses 2018
    11.04.2018 21:23
    Great! Thx
    OMG, thank you so much guys, I was about to throw out all my old earrings that were missing a pair...


  • Artistic jewelry - the lowest prices
    11.04.2018 15:27
    Handmade jewelry
    Beautiful jewelry, although hand-made, is just such a thing in itself.


  • Cosmetics - new trends
    11.04.2018 15:05
    I used many different nivea creams and I can confirm that they are really good.


Cool Summer

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Cool summer is characterized by a total lack of warm color in the color, both taking into account eyes, hair or complexion. The image of a cool summer corresponds completely to its name. Among the representatives of this type, there will be ladies with light-colored hair as well as quite dark hair, which is characterized only by their gray shade, commonly known as the mouse color. The color of the iris is rather bright and clean, with no spots around the pupil, and if it is brown in a hazel shade. The summer lady's complexion is characterized by a blue or pink color.

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